Scharfenberger Peristaltic Pump

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Model 280

SCHARFENBERGER PERISTALTIC PUMP                                      MODEL  280

-Motor:60 cycle–3-phase; 230v (4KW, 5.5 HP)
-Approximate capacities:
Wine/Juice: 1850-6870 gal/h
Must: 1050-5000 gal/h
Whole Cluster: 520-3960 gal/h
-Stainless steel frame
-Variable frequency drive
-On wheels
-Feed auger with hopper
-Rotor with 2 rollers- 15 to 50 rpm
-Hose FDA grade: 14°F – 158°F (-10°C- +70°C)
-Fitting 3” Tri Clover Clamp
-2 expansion tanks