Testimonial of George Cowie

Nov 4, 2017 | by Lorenz Widmaier

Chautauqua has enjoyed many trouble free years of service from our EHM 120… 2016 was not one of those years. Thanks to Markus and Joe, we made it through a difficult season. I don’t know what these guys are paid, but I can assure anyone they earn every cent. I want you to know that it is rare to see service personnel who work as hard as we do during crush. Joe flew down to work on our press and stayed up all night and all day before flying back to Virginia to combat other press issues with your many other customers. I have told Joe and Markus repeatedly that I am grateful they answer the phone and texts. If I were in their position, it would be tempting to shot-put the phone most days. Each call is probably a crisis. It usually is when I call.

Thank you again for outstanding service!

– George Cowie

Chautauqua Vineyards, DeFuniak Springs, FL