Refurbished/Used Equipment

We offer a wide selection of used equipment. Find the latest offers.

Refurbished/Used Equipment Details

We have fully refurbished presses, completed by Scharfenberger in Germany, all equipped with new bladders, touchscreen controls, new electronics and a 1 year warranty! We also help our customers find homes for their used equipment so be sure to check out our “For Sale by Third Party”.


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  • EHA 2000 refurbished
  • EHM100 refurbished
  • EHP 1800 refurbished
  • EHP 2200 refurbished
  • EHP 2600 refurbished
  • EHP 4000 refurbished
  • EHP 5000 refurbished
  • EHT5000 refurbished (’03)
  • EHT5000 refurbished (’05)
  • P150 refurbished
  • P52 refurbished
  • P60 refurbished