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− Closed tank press
− Size: 4200 liters (1110 gallons)
− Approximate pressing capacity: Whole cluster: 3.5 ton De-stemmed/ crushed: 8.5 tons Fermented must: 15 tons
− Digital controls: solid state micro processor, fully automatic to 2.0 bar pressure with 12 pre set programs; Touch
screen display
− Removable juice tray outlet screen
− Press basket: closed style, with internal draining channels
− Safety: emergency stop cables on each side of machine
− Motors: 3 phase, available in either 208, 230 or 460 volt
− Integrated vacuum pump and pre-blower: 2.5 hp / Integrated air compressor: 11.7 hp, dry running
− Main drive motor: single speed, left and right rotation, 2.0 hp
− Drum, frame and juice tray construction: 304 stainless
− Double sliding door, 1200 mm × 500 mm (47” × 20”)
− Juice tray size: 1250 liters (330 gallons), 2” outlet located in center of tray with tri-clamp fitting
− Pomace emptying aid under the membrane for quicker pomace removal
− Muffler for noise reduction
− On four swivel wheels with four handles for easy moving
− Approximate Dimensions: 4320 mm L × 1805 mm W × 2061 mm H (170” L × 71” W × 81” H)

Pneumatic double doors, 1200 x 500mm, without sealing
Pneumatic single door, 650 x 550mm, with sealing (standard on COOL PRESS)
Pneumatic single door, 850 x 550mm, with sealing (off center on the basket at 42)
Double stainless steel hopper for 2 single door version (mounted on TOP of the press)
Stainless steel hopper, (mounted on TOP of press)
Stainless steel hopper, SLIDING version
Stainless steel hopper on independent chassis, on wheels with brakes
Centered deep juice tray with juice guide panels(only available for presses w/o sealed doors)
Remote control with two function: left/right rotation of press drum
Remote control with four functions: o/c pneumatic doors, l/r rotation of the press drum
Stainless steel 4” ball valve, for central fill-in
Cooling and heating jacket: Laser welded pillow plates around the basket of the press.(Pneumatic door 650 x 550mm with pneumatic sealing is included in the option)
Remote display either wall mounted or separate stand with 16’ cable
Press and Juice Leg Extensions available from 20 cm–100 cm
And much more……!

**Model and technical data provided are for guidance only. Changes are subject to manufacturer’s requirements and improvement without prior notification.