filter RF1

Crossflow Filter – Romfil RF1

The RF 1 offers an economical solution for small companies. The compact design ensures optimum efficiency, which allows a performance up to 800 litres per hour (210 gal/hr) by a residual amount of approx. A simple and user friendly design allows for quick and easy cleaning. The very compact construction on a stainless steel frame with wheels makes the system easy to transport and with all connections being on one side you can tuck it in a corner and still utilize the filter.

Romfil crossflow filtration with EvoFlow Technology:

  • No CO2 loss
  • No increase in temperature
  • No loss of aroma
  • No foreign flavors
  • Reduced residual quantity losses compared to conventional wine clarification
  • Economical and low-maintenance technology, no filtration media waste
  • Romfil Membranes durable up to 70 degrees Celsius or 160 Fahrenheit
  • Very quiet operation, less than 50 db