EUROPRESS GRAPE PRESS                                Model EP1-27

  • Open style membrane press with conical slots/ Size: 2700 liters (713 gallons)
  • Approximate pressing capacities:

Whole cluster                             2.2 t

Destemmed/crushed                6.0 t

Fermented must                        9.0 t

  • NEW generation fully automatic digital control unit with 24 free adjustable programs

 Large 10“touch screen

 Easy quick start and pre- programmed maceration program

  • Analog controls (Emergency override)
  • SOLUS: The ability to self-learn pressing techniques of the user by creating programs based on how the winemaker manually presses along with the possibility to save the created programs.
  • Safety: Emergency stop cables on each side of the machine
  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Hinged side panels for a greater accessibility to the drum
  • Polished drum for easier cleaning
  • VFD-PLUS – frequency-controlled drive motor

Sense of rotation clockwise and counterclockwise

6 different adjustable speeds of rotation for avoiding mechanical treatment of fruit

Reducing phenolic substances and solids

  • Built in high efficiency compressor
  • High volume vacuum pump also functioning as pre blower
  • Muffler for noise reduction
  • Special membrane attachment also assisting for a faster pomace break up
  • Membrane composed of food grade materials, heat tolerant up to 700 C (1580 F)
  • Large volume juice tray w/ appr. 200 gal (760 liters) and 2” Tri Clover fitting
  • Removable juice tray outlet screen
  • Special pomace emptying bars underneath the membrane for faster emptying cycles
  • On four swivel wheels and with four handles for easy moving
  • Motors: 208 / 230 or 460 V / 60 cycles / 3 phases (to be specified upon order)
  • Large infill opening with 2 sliding doors 40” x 18” (1000 x 450 mm)
  • Door detector – No program starts while door open
  • Dimensions:

Length           136” (3457 mm)

Width            64” (1620 mm)

Height           73” (1858 mm)