Europress grape press model T 80HL
Europress grape press model T 100HL
Europress grape press model T 150HL
Europress grape press model T 250HL
Europress T320HL with juice tray

80-320 HL Press (closed)

In the case of the closed press system, the press drum has hinged and removable juice channels on the inside with very narrow slots. The juice flows directly into the juice tray through the outlets.



  • Stainless steel
  • Press basket: closed style press drum with hinged or removable draining channels with narrow slots
  • Full automatic with touch screen  (12 programs, can be programmed individually)
  • Integrated compressor
  • Integrated vacuum pump (as well acting as pre-blower)
  • Drive motor with frequency inverter (4 speed), left and right rotation
  • Silent mufflers
  • Pomace emptying device under the membrane for faster pomace removal
  • Stainless steel juice tray on wheels
  • Juice outlet in DN 50, in the middle


please select a model
  • T 80
  • T100
  • T120
  • T150
  • T200
  • T250
  • T320