grape tank press Europress EP2 closed press system,
Europress EP digital control system
Europress EP2, EasyClean Channel
grape press Europress EP digital control system


In the case of the closed press system, the press drum has hinged and removable juice channels on the inside with very narow slots. The juice flows directly into the juice tray through the outlets.


EUROPRESS EP2 – closed press system

STANDARD VERSION – sizes 20 to 200 hl

  • Stainless steel
  • Closed style tank press with inside draining channels with large surface, mounted on hinges (20-34hl)
  • Easy Clean Channel: Combines the advantages of a hinged and a plug-in mechanism.
    It can be quickly dismounted without requiring any other tools (44-65 hl)
  • Drive motor with rotational speed, clockwise and counter clockwise rotation (20-65hl)
  • Frequency-controlled drive motor with 6 speeds of rotation, clockwise and counter clockwise rotation (80-200hl)
  • Membrane made of food-resistant materials, heat resistant up to 70°C (158° F)
  • Lateral parts of the press are on hinges and can be lowered (up to 52 hl)
  • Integrated volume vacuum pump (as well acting as pre-blower)
  • Special membrane fastening system – works as pomace break up
  • Pomace emptying device under the membrane for faster pomace removal
  • Fully automatic digital control system with 24 individually selectable pressing programs. Large 10” touch screen monitor with intuitive menu navigation
  • Internal compressed air supply with high-performance compressor
  • Silent mufflers
  • Large stainless steel juice tray
  • Pneumatic door from 80hl


  • press and juice tray extensions – in stainless steel
  • juice tray – different juice tray systems
  • central infill fittings
  • pneumatic door – Opening and closing via stainless steel pneumatic pistons and hermetic sealing
  • pneumatic door(s) – with two pneumatic doorsand hermetic sealing
  • lateral pomace auger – diverse systems
  • whole cluster hopper – diverse systems
  • catwalk – Stainless steel catwalk with knee- and hand rails
  • remote control – Remote control for the drum with cable or wireless
  • cleaning system – Cleaning system for outside of the drum
  • air pulse – Full automatic channel cleaning system
  • chassis – Electrically motorized
  • emergency control
  • mash and pomace transport systems
  • +cool jacket – For cooling down and keeping grape mash cool
  • +cool insulated – Cooling jacket with external insulation and high efficiency
  • +fu plus – Frequency controlled drive motor of the press drum with six different speeds
  • +level control – Level switch for the juice tray, version with stick electrodes in stainless steel
  • +fruit drainset up to 65hl
  • +drain control – Intelligent press program control
  • +flow divide – Juice separation into three tractions
  • +temp control – Temperature measurement
  • +inert ECO – Inert gas blanketing of the press drum
  • +inert PRO – Automatic system for operation with inert gas
  • +solus – Teaching by user
  • +mobile connect – Press mobile phone connection for smartphones